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If you are looking for the newest fashion trends and trendy street styles then you are here in our fashion online store just right.

"First in Fashion & Street Style" – ever since the establishment of our fashion online store in the year 2004 keep we at this slogan tight. Our objective implementation it is especially current in each season fashion and streetwear trends international manufacturer and innovative niches brands to offer.

For our Assortment applies always the objective appealing fashion to find the on the one hand trendy and stylish and on the other hand simultaneously once off 's. In selecting of the products offered it goes primarily about fashion trends to discover before they are picked up by the mainstream. So you can represent an absolute trendsetter ascend - if you are as customer for our fashion and streetwear products represent an absolute trendsetter ascend - if you are as customer for our fashion and streetwear products decide. In our "Best of Style" fashion online shop, we provide you an absolutely unique mix of popular, well-established top brands and the ascending highlights on the fashion heaven - the upcoming styles and trendy newcomers brands.

Despite daily updating and renewal our product range of fashion and streetwear products we always keep one of our most important resolutions firmly: Quality, not quantity. Only the best and appealing fashion and streetwear products of the trendy international brands be in our fashion online shop offered. These include established brands like 55DLS Vintage, Custo Barcelona, Goi-Goi, Lonsdale London, Le Breve, Justing Jeans, Simply Makes Sense, Miss Me up to Calvin Klein, Bray Steve Alen, or Finstone Shoes, Miss Sixty to just some brands from our wide assortments to name.

Our team is constantly in search for new and interesting brands that the heart of fashion and streetwear fashionistas higher let beat. We also offer with our DEAL OF THE DAY always articles from the current assortment as a "Daily Deal" at a special price.

Our destination was and is it, based on our year-long know how in the fashion business, each season new fashion, street style and innovative niche brands from Germany, Italy, USA, Scandinavia and the UK in our online fashion store to offer. Powered and motivated will our team primarily by one thing: the passion for fashion and shopping.

Our History:

Our company 4sale eCommerce UG Germany was originally founded in the year1987, at that time still under the name BLUE MOUNTAINS - MJR pro-fashion Handelsges.mbH, as a commercial agency for various international fashion brands for D/A/CH. In the year 1990 our company changed to an import and sales agency for various international fashion brands from the USA. In the year 1998, our company additionally as a representative took  the commercial representation of various top Dutch fashion brands for D/A/CH. It was not until 2004 - after the foundation of our online fashion shop - the name change of our company to 4sale eCommerce Limited, with headquarters in Munich/Germany and Birmingham/UK. Due to the Brexit in the year 2020, the renewed conversion to  today's legal form as 4sale eCommerce UG Germany, with headquarters in Munich / Germany.

Also in the future we shall as an online fashion store for fashion and streetwear to our philosophy and to our principles hold on, because our passion for fashion pushing us to only the finest products from streetwear and fashion for you to find.