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Information about delivery times

If an article is marked as in stock, the delivery time is 1-3 working days. The exact delivery times within Germany can be found on the respective product detail pages. We will gladly deliver also to your requested address.

Please note that, for example, the delivery time from Germany to Austria can take up to 3 working days longer and the delivery time in the other supplying countries may take up to 7 working days longer as indicated for the product. When ordering by prepayment apply to the delivery times from the receipt of payment. The delivery time is thus an additional 2-3 business days (normal bank processing time) to the specified delivery time from payment order.

Please bear in mind that weekend and holidays at this deadline must be added. We will inform you directly via e-mail after your orders with us has been received and a second time if these to the delivery was handed over to the consignor.

The dispatch of our products occurs exclusively via Hermes or DHL. The terms and conditions of the HERMES and DHL find for this purpose additional application. For more information about the terms and conditions can be found at or

Always know where your package is located

With the shipping confirmation e-mail we send you a link via which you can easily the status of your package at any time DHL or Hermes can track online.

Tracking HERMES
Tracking DHL

In the following table you can find the delivery time for shipping to other countries, which you in each article stated delivery time approx add.

                                          Country                                                   Additional maximum delivery time in days

                                        Austria                                                                 3 Days

                                        Belgium                                                                4 Days

                                        Croatia                                                                 5 Days

                                        Czech Republic                                                      4 Days

                                        Denmark                                                               4 Days
                                        (without Färörer, Grönland)

                                        Estonia                                                                  6 Days

                                        Finland                                                                  4 Days
                                        (without Aland)

                                        France                                                                   3 Days
                                        (without Overseas Territories)

                                        Greece                                                                   7 Days

                                        Hungary                                                                 4 Days

                                        Ireland                                                                   5 Days

                                        Italy                                                                      4 Days
                                        (without Campione, d'Italia, Livingo, San Marino,

                                        Latvia                                                                    6 Days

                                        Liechtenstein                                                          4 Days

                                        Lithuania                                                                7 Days

                                        Luxembourg                                                           4 Days

                                        Monaco                                                                  4 Days

                                        Netherlands                                                            3 Days  

                                        Norway                                                                   4 Days

                                        Poland                                                                    5 Days

                                        Portugal                                                                  4 Days
                                        (without Azoren, Madeira)

                                        Slovakia                                                                  4 Days

                                        Slovenia                                                                  5 Days

                                        Spain                                                                      4 Days
                                        (without Ceuta, El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran
                                        Canaria, La Gomera, Lanzarote, La Palma,
                                        Melilla, Teneriffa)

                                        Sweden                                                                   4 Days

                                        Swizerland                                                               5 Days

                                        United Kingdom                                                        5 Days
                                        (without Overseas Territories)

More information to calculate the delivery date

If you are with us in the context of an order several articles buy, for varying delivery periods apply, we ship the goods depending on the availability in several separate consignments, for which the in each article stated delivery times apply. Additional shipping costs apply for it.

For orders that are shipped outside Germany, can import taxes, customs fees and expenses are levied by the destination country. Import duties and taxes are by the respective import customs office collected and go to the detriment of the recipient. These are based on the import regulations of the recipient country. For more information, please contact your local customs office.