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You need to register first, before you can go on shopping. If you have already registered with 4SALE-FASHION, just enter your email and password, and all your data, such as address, payment method or shipment method, will be made available if previously entered. If you have lost your password, simply get a new one by clicking on the respective button.

Why setting up an account?

Your personal account offers many benefits:

  • Checking of current orders
  • Checking of past orders
  • Administrating of your delivery address, methods of payment, and personal settings
  • Getting a personal wish list
  • Customizing your personal newsletter

Besides, you will need an account to process orders.

Setting Up of an Account

If you want to set up a new account, click on the button called [Your Account] to visit the registration page. Please fill in the boxes provided under [Information about your personal account]. Boxes marked with an asterisk are required fields, others aren?t. To upload the data you've entered, click on [Send]. Now you will be able to use the full range of functionalities your account provides. You can log in by entering your email address and password at any time. You may change your data at your convenience (however not name and sex).

How to Order

If your search for your favourite product has been successful, you may click on your previously defined shopping basket [Add to my Shopping Bag] to store it there.

In order to see what's in your shopping basket, simply click on [Shopping Bag], which you will always find on top of every page. Directly alongside the [Shopping Bag] button, you will find a short summary of the items stored in your shopping basket. You are free to check your status of order, the number of items you've ordered and their intermediate total any time you want to.

The shopping basket stores all the items you have put into it.

You can change the number of the ordered items by entering your favoured number into the box [Number]. After that, click on the button [Update Shopping Bag]. You can also remove items from your basket if you wish to. To do this, mark the checkbox [Remove] and click on the button [Update Shopping Bag].

If you want to buy the items in your basket, simply click on [Check out]. The following pages require you to enter your data. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). There you will get further information, such as about how to correct your order. You can cancel this procedure any time by simply closing your browser window.

Once you have entered your data, checked your delivery rate and selected your payment method, you can click on [Continue] to get to the order page, where you are able to check your data once again. By clicking on the button [Finish Order], you will finish your order and receive your order confirmation via email.

Dressing Room

Alongside every displayed item, you will find the button [Dressing Room]. Here you can create your own wish list, things that you would like to own from our online store. You can easily browse our website and when you find something you'd like to receive, you can add it to the [Dressing Room]. Upon every return to our website, you will find your favoured items simply by clicking on [Dressing Room].

If you wish to purchase something from your wish list, enter the quantity, colour and size of your favourite item and store it in your shopping bag by clicking on [Add to Shopping Bag] – and you're done. If you would like to remove articles from your [Dressing Room], just click on [Delete] to do so.


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