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White Label LESLIE -ladies fine knit dress with check pattern

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Category: Women

Feminine is this LESLIE knit dress with the beautiful plaid pattern on the skirt. On top of that spoiled the knit dress with its super soft fine knit quality that feels comfortable on the skin. With this mesh wraps WHITE LABEL every woman around your finger!

The sleeveless LESLIE knit dress with the fine ribbed top and wide skirt part owes a snug fit the soft, smooth knit ware. A dress like this of WHITE LABEL involves so many details: slim tailored fit, pleasant stretch material, broader carriers, skirt in beautiful check pattern and more. It may feminine with sweet ballet flats or with glamorous accessories and high heels be combined - and is always an eye catcher!

° Ladies fine knit dress with check pattern
° Round neck
° Sleeveless
° Structured Fabric
° Soft handle
° Elastic material
° Narrow, tailored fit
° Wider straps
° Skirt part with plaid
° Total length in size S / M approximately 84 cm
° Color: Beige/Black, Black/Beige

° Material: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
° Care: Hand wash

White Label

White Label: The term refer tp products that are sold withaut labels or with different labels. White Label products are products of a manufaturer's brand, whitch will not be sold under its own brand, but as the (apparent) product from another manufacturer. Some manufaturers also sell only some of its products under its own brand name, but another part as a White Label (or Second Mark). This happends a the same time their own brand production sell high, and its own production - thanks to higher demand for the cheaper White Label version - fully able to utilize. Because of the different names an ddifferent distribution channels is speculated that the customer groups are so different that the equality of the products is not perceived. It is often possible for certain products under both the manufacturer's brand as well as under a so-called No Name brand to buy, which often means much more reasonable prices, without any concomitant loss of quality.

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